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We take pride in building and presenting high quality homes to all our customers.  Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us and their new homes.

Dave Hasenoerhrl did a fabulous job building my dream home in Tetherow.  I'm not sure many people who have gone through the building processs would do it again, but I would definitely build again with Dave.  Dave and Susan were with me at every stage of the process.  I never had a moment of stress during the process, even though the build happened during the COVID pandemic.  Dave has a team of experienced subs he has worked with for years and he kept the project running on time and smoothly.  I really appreciated Dave's advice on what was worth spending more money on and where to save it.  Susan was immensely helpful in meeting with all the vendors with me and helping me pick out all the interior finishes.  The process was really fun!  I am thrilled with the finished product and would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to build.  

Julie Rankine (Tetherow 2020)

Julie Rankine 2020

Bend, OR

Having owned a lot for some time, we were novices when it came to building. We met with several highly recommended builders, but we knew from our first meeting that Dave was the person we wanted to work with. He and his wife, Susan, showed us several homes and it was apparent that everyone loved Dave and Susan. We had an idea in mind of a floor plan and Dave was immediately enthusiastic about how that plan would fit on our lot. The building process was actually "fun" and I'm not sure many people would say that. Dave was beside us every step of the way and made suggestions that helped both financially and aesthetically. His subs were also extremely helpful and easy to work with. Susan was my partner in meeting with many vendors and working to express my vision of the interior of our home. The process was on time and even a bit under budget. Dave was always honest, sincere and caring about our needs. I consider Dave and Susan to be good friends and we will have a life long relationship. The completed project is a showcase of great workmanship and style. 

Julie S. Dodds 2019

Bend, OR

Dave Hasenoehrl Homes did a wonderful job building our home in Awbrey Glen.  From the initial planning meetings with Dave through the Home Inspection, he was with us every step of the way.  Dave's veteran sub-contractors showed up when they were supposed to and the job kept moving along according to schedule.  Change orders went smoothly, and he didn't overcharge for them like other builders we have worked with.  Everyone that comes into our home has positive things to say about it.  We attribute that to Dave overseeing the entire process from developing building plans through the finishing work.  You couldn't ask for a better guy to work with.

Mike and Linda Thurlow 2019

Bend, OR

We were new to Oregon in 2016. We were looking for a home in a specific development. We saw a spec home built by Dave Hasenoehrl Homes in our development and went thru it 3 times. We fell in love with the open floor plan and craftsmanship but the timing was not right for us to buy. Some months later we purchased a lot and knew we wanted Dave to build us that same home. Because we had seen the spec home several times we were able to also make some minor changes collaborating with Dave. Dave was very helpful in working with us to make the changes we wanted. Prior to breaking ground we were also able to see and walk thru other homes Dave built in our development. We were so impressed with his professionalism, commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We knew we wanted a Hasenoehrl home! Dave was a pleasure to work with. In doing our due diligence we were told by many people that most contractors talk to you, shake your hand and you never see them again. That was not the case with Dave. He was at the job site regularly and was always available to answer any questions. We are thrilled with our home and would highly recommend Dave to anyone building their dream home. 

Richard and Donna Young 2019

Bend, OR

We were thoroughly impressed with Dave the first time we met him. He took us to see approximately 5 of the houses he'd built recently and gave us the uninterrupted opportunity to talk to the homeowners.  They all said the same thing...they would build again, but only with Dave. After finishing our build in the Fall of 2019, we couldn't agree more . Dave worked with us from the absolute beginning of the project and was a complete and total professional. He has a calm presence and is never pushy or aggressive. He did however, give us his opinions about where to spend money and where to save it ... that was important to us and we appreciated his input. His billing was totally transparent and we knew exactly what we were spending ... no surprises and no hidden fees . He even finished our house ahead of schedule . We have called Dave several times as we've settled into our house and he's been responsive and helpful. We love our new house and feeI very confident that it was built with pride and excellence . We would not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone looking to build or remodel in Bend!

Loi and Ali Filo 2019

Bend, OR

Without hesitation, I would recommend Dave to anyone planning the construction of a custom home. When considering various contractors for the construction of our new home, we visited a number of existing homes built by each firm feeling that was the best way to truly assess the capabilities of each. We were consistently impressed by the finished homes produced by Dave Hasenoehrl Homes. Throughout the entire process, from the initial review of the plans through the construction phase to the final inspection, we were very pleased with the professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding value offered by Dave. The construction of a custom home is ideally a close collaboration between the owners and the contractor. In this regard, Dave excelled. He was communicative and available when necessary , offered valuable suggestions and was regularly receptive to our input. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Dave and Diane Robinson

Bend, OR

Dear Dave, It is with pleasure that we write you this letter of recommendation concerning your work as the builder of our new home in Awbrey Glen.

As you know, this was our first experience with a brand new home.  We came into this process with a certain amount of trepidation as we had heard many stories about “what could go wrong” in this process. 

For us, the experience could not have been better, and that was due mainly to your building skills, professionalism, and the kind of person you are. Examples of this would be:

  1.      You were completely up front with us regarding all the many decisions we needed to make about what went into our home.There were no surprises.

  2.    When we went to the various vendors to decide on such things as electrical, flooring, appliances, cabinets etc., they were always prepared and helpful in presenting the various options we had to choose from.

  3.    You always did what you said you would do—and on time.

  4.    The quality of your and your subcontractor’s workmanship was excellent, and the workers on the job were always polite and professional.

  5.     The follow-up on punch-list items was timely and thorough.

In short we found you very easy to work with and would highly recommend Dave Hasenoehrl Homes to anyone wishing to build a quality home in Bend.

Jim and Patti Petersen

Bend, OR

Building our house with Dave was not only easy, but fun! When we asked him if something could be done, the answer was always, "yes, I can do that ." From siting the house on our lot to completion, Dave was always available, always kept us informed. His attention to every detail and his craftsmanship are just impeccable.  He knew what we wanted when we could not articulate exactly what that was. He built us our dream house.

Karen Bohnhoff and Bill Gregoricus

Bend, OR

New to Bend and new to building a house, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Dave Hasenoehrl through our real estate agent. Not only did Dave walk us through the building process but he helped us work through the myriad of details involved with considerable patience. We presented Dave with an awkward, steep property and he was able to situate and build the home to blend in with the hill and surrounding landscape … all within guidelines of our HOA.  From beginning to finish, from permit stage to final inspection, Dave remained professional, pleasant and reassuring. His sense of humor remained intact during my meltdowns and he was always receptive to any changes we had. The details of his personal touch in the craftsmanship of our home and the outside structure are his trademark for good reason --- he knows what he is doing and excels at it. 

Ron and GayRene Homer

Bend, OR

Dear Dave, It has now been two years since we purchased and moved into our new home.  Over the years, we have owned 12 new homes in various locations around the U.S.   Maryann and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for building what we think is the best home we have ever purchased.  Also, other builders would be hard pressed to match the personal attention you gave us to remedy a few minor problems.  In the fast moving pace of today's economy, people are not apt to take the time to express their satisfaction with a job well done.  We are taking the time!  Again Dave, we would like to thank you for building us this beautiful home and for your thoughtful consideration after the sale.

Roland Smith and Family

Sammamish, WA

We purchased a new home in Woodinville, WA built by Dave Hasenoehrl.  We have found it to be of superior construction. The home contains quality materials and outstanding workmanship.  We have lived here for eight years and have never had a problem.

Joe and Pat Basse

Woodinville, WA

Dave, Our family has lived in six different homes in three states in the past 15 yrs.  When we moved to the Seattle area about 2 1/2 yrs. ago, I looked at approximately 40-50 homes in the upper price range.  The home that we bought built by your company clearly had superior quality when compared to the others.  In fact, the workmanship surpassed any home we've lived in, which ranges from a model home in a large development to a custom-built home in a small neighborhood.  Anyone considering building a new home should definitely consider Dave as their builder.  He would certainly be my choice if I was in the market for a new home.

Mark Rickey and Family

Sammamish, WA

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